Point of Sale Equipment (Toast)

Point of Sale Equipment (Toast)

Over the past five years Alicia has been working exclusively in the restaurant industry. During that time, she has seen the multitude of challenges restaurants encounter and the various ways the right technology platform can help to eliminate those challenges. She has found that a reliable POS system is one of the key ingredients to managing a successful operation. 

When purchasing a new POS system, you aren’t just buying software. You’re entering into a long-term relationship with a POS partner which will exponentially help your business. Above all, quality support is one of the most valuable things a POS provider can offer. Choosing a POS with exceptional support will help you with everything from installation to staff trainings, all the while ensuring that day to day operations run smoothly, reliably and efficiently. 

The flexibility of a cloud based platform is essential in today's world. The right SaaS model will provide exceptional service, while always operating on the latest version. Toast allows you to offer the best guest experience with a platform proven to help your restaurant grow. Built from the ground up with both your operations and customers in mind. Toast allows you to identify your best customers, their favorite items, average spend, and how long it’s been since their last visit, and use that information to create personalized marketing campaigns. Toast automatically tracks real time menu sales, inventory, and labor, and organizes that information into detailed reports you can access any where in the world, at any time! 

A successful transition begins with proper planning. Alicia has found that the key is not to wait until you absolutely need a new system. She has also found you do not want to be stuck opening a new restaurant without a POS, only to realize how desperately you need a system to streamline operations. 

Point of Sale Equipment (Toast)

Improve Restaurant Operations & Grow Revenue

Toast is an all-in-one restaurant management system. We’re the partially brown, partially golden, never totally finished piece of toast. Our software is never going to be perfect in our minds. There will always be new features we can offer our customers, and a million ways we can continue to innovate and improve. We always strive to go above and beyond so any foodservice establishment looking to improve their operational efficiency and bottom line can take advantage of our software. Our mission? To enable the world where restaurants of all sizes deliver the best customer experience by leveraging innovative technology.

Thousands of restaurants have streamlined their front-of-house and kitchen processes, analyzed their customer base with our CRM, and saved millions of dollars with Toast's restaurant POS system by their side.  With our custom-built Android tablets, your restaurant is truly mobile. When your servers are no longer tethered to the POS system, they can spend more time entertaining guests.

Anthony Sousa is a seasoned restaurant professional with over twelve years experience developing and working in the high-energy foodservice industry. Skilled in all aspects of restaurant operations, including the construction of new developments, collaborating with culinary teams, managing staff, and overseeing daily operations, Anthony is adept at cultivating relationships with vendors, senior management, customers and community organizations to improve brands and maximize revenues.