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Meet our industry experts, a passionate and talented pool of seasoned professionals who have made the hospitality industry their home. NECG is pleased to introduce you to this dynamic team who will take your company from Dirt-to-Digital.

Richard Dorset
Clearent LLC
Credit Card Processing

Richard Dorset is Regional Sales Director for Clearent LLC, one of only 12 direct processors in the merchant service industry.  He is a seasoned professional with a proven track record of assisting restaurants with improving both the cost and efficiency of their credit card processing.  Richard has managed several businesses and brings the perspective of what is good for the overall health of the business to every consultation with a restaurant owner or manager.

Founded in 2008 and currently ranked 37th on the Nilson List of Top Merchant Acquirers, Clearent offers the following significant advantages to a restaurant trying to navigate the confusing waters of payment processing:

Straight pass-through of interchange with Clearent fees disclosed separately and locked for 3 years.  With Clearent, you get what you are promised with no exceptions
Amex OptBlue, a unique program that not many processors have, which offers the restaurant discounted rates compared to what they would pay directly to American Express, and one deposit of all card brands.
Next-Day Funding with one of the latest cut-off times in the industry-11 pm.
Clear and concise statements that are printed and organized so that they are easy to read and understand.
Easy integration to all of the major POS systems.

At Clearent, we build long term relationships with our merchants by providing ongoing support after the sale.  I personally manage my entire portfolio of merchants.