BEVINCO Join the New England Culinary Group

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BEVINCO Join the New England Culinary Group

October 28th 2014

BEVINCO, an Inventory Management Solutions company helps bar / restaurant owners achieve Less Shrinkage, More Profit, and Lower Costs for their business. Bevinco helps bar owners increase their profits and reduce liquor costs by holding the bartenders and managers accountable for every ounce of alcohol that goes through their operation whether it is sold, spilled, over poured, consumed, or just given away. Bevinco can track 4 weeks of usage to generate a par order broken down by vendor so that ordering can be done by anyone from any location.

Bill Gerardi, a seasoned beverage industry professionaI,  personally works with the accountant to ensure owners have real time numbers to work with. "The inventory numbers I provide are to the penny and done correctly. The numbers are not tenthed like 95% of the numbers that are provided by staff or management to do inventory, Gerardi explains,"We will know where you stand every week! This is  critical in order to run your business by the numbers!"

Most restaurants lose 25-35% of their liquor inventory through over pouring, theft, and bartender carelessness. Bevinco's goal is to quickly get those losses under 5% and make sure they stay that way - this includes draft beer as well. The proprietary software catches exact beverage losses down to the penny and also to the hundredth of an ounce through detailed variance reports. Par levels, usage reports, profitability reports, standardized drink mixes, pour training, and complete beverage consulting are just a few things Bevinco offers. Bevinco's expert consultants work with  establishments, providing services and staff training to reduce inventory loss, allowing more time to hire and train staff and execute an excellent guest experience while Bevinco handles the inventory management and staff accountability portion of the day-to-day operations.

"I guarantee I can improve your bottom line," assures Gerardi.

Phone: (203) 536-4720