Leigh Overland Architects Builds New Canaan Castle with State-of-the-Art ICF

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Leigh Overland Architects Builds New Canaan Castle with State-of-the-Art ICF

April 7th 2015


Leigh Overland Architects Builds New Canaan Castle with State-of-the-Art ICF

 "I call architecture frozen music." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Leigh Overland, lead architect at Leigh Overland Architect, LLC, 235 Main Street, Danbury, asks: “Have you ever dreamed of owning a majestic Scottish castle nestled within acres of pristine countryside? Have you ever longed to live like a King or Queen in an eighteenth century romance novel? Do you secretly fantasize about a simpler time whilst fearing the absence of the modern-day conveniences which have come to define our existence?”

Featured on ABC's Extreme Home Makeover, Leigh Overland Architect has introduced Connecticut to a new design concept - ICF - which employs Insulated Concrete Forms to create cost effective and durable buildings - even outlasting 2013’s super storm Sandy. Costing nearly the same as wood framing, Connecticut residents and business owners now have the opportunity to live and work in energy efficient homes and buildings that cut utility bills by half.  ICF is made out of Styrofoam blocks, which are hollow, with teeth on the top and slits on the bottom. They stack on top of each other, similar to Legos, and concrete is poured down the middle of the cavity. This insulation - the same material used to build coolers - completely seals out the elements. 

ICF created buildings have designs from contemporary homes to a grand Scottish castle, all while superbly withstanding the most severe weather and giving energy efficiency. “Any design is possible with ICF – the only limitations are in someone’s imagination.” Says lead architect Leigh Overland. Through the utilization of ICF this is achieved at almost no extra construction costs. 

The firm's latest ICF project is a recent construction of a Scottish Castle in New Canaan. A perfect balance of old and new – it fuses ancient Scottish architectural design with modern construction techniques. Says architect Leigh Overland, “The Castle is a perfect illustration of the versatility of ICF construction. It contains some magnificent recreations that include the Great Hall and the Turret Library.”

Leigh Overland Architects has the experience and state-of-the-art technologies required to design buildings using ICF, meeting all regulatory and efficiency standards. For over 30 years they has worked with the construction industry and has a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial constructions.  For additional information visit http://ldoverland.com/?page_id=2549

About Leigh Overland Architects

Started in 1980 by architect Leigh Overland, the firm has a reputation for design innovation, quality, and reliability. Services include renovation, remodeling, design, construction, and consultancy. The firm’s portfolio includes custom homes, additions and renovations to commercial and industrial buildings, retail stores, restaurants, medical and professional offices, and religious buildings.  Previous work includes Danbury Hospital Rehabilitation Center, Waterview Banquet Hall, and Wells Fargo Danbury Headquarters, and St. Elizabeth Seton’s Church.

To view the full list of the firm’s portfolio visit www.ldoverland.com

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