Complete Payroll Solutions (CPS) Can Make Your [NEW] YEAR!

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Complete Payroll Solutions (CPS) Can Make Your [NEW] YEAR!

December 6th 2018



If you’re considering a change to your workforce solutions—human resources, payroll, and benefits—now’s the time to start the process.

There’s little risk in evaluating your technology, service, and cost needs as you get closer to the new year. Moving your workforce services to Complete Payroll Solutions (CPS) in January allows for a seamless transition.

Why CPS?

When you need a comprehensive, unified HR platform with 24/7 accessibility, self-service options, and effective data management, CPS offers the best in automation and ease of use with its HCM technology. Integrate recruitment, onboarding, benefits administration, compliance and performance reviews to create a single employee record that’s updated in real time.

Since first impressions are so critical, we execute the implementation process with diligence and sensitivity. CPS’ core implementation group ensures we meet your company objectives by proactively managing the process, communicating throughout, and achieving target deadlines.


With CPS, Certified Payroll Professionals and Fundamental Payroll Certification Professionals work to successfully manage your payroll. And licensed and certified HR, benefits, and compliance experts help you optimize your workplace. Your dedicated service professionals know you and your business and are always just one phone call away.

When you combine products and services, you deepen your relationship with CPS—and the value we can provide.

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