Collaborate More Efficiently With The Right Technology

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Collaborate More Efficiently With The Right Technology

November 1st 2021

By Katherine Russian, Lentner Technology Integrators

Managing a restaurant requires being in many places at one time.  I know because I used to do it.  I had (7) locations I managed in Chicago, all of which required employees with different skillsets to host special events.  I was working with event planners, hostesses, bartenders, servers, chefs, front of house, back of house…and most importantly, the customer.  Instead of utilizing collaboration tools, I ran like a chicken with my head cut off.

Make your point without having to make a meeting.  Try Dropbox Capture and get your message across with screenshots, GIFs, or simple videos recorded right on your screen.  Replace lengthy texts, emails, and meetings by sharing recordings so various team members can watch in their own unique location.  Your messages can be personalized and feedback from your teammates can also be shared. 

Use Capture to train your bartenders on how to make a drink.  Use Capture to share with your event planner how you want a space arranged.  Use Capture to host an all-staff pre-opening meeting to review specials, discuss reservations, and improve customer service.

“Now everyone has access to everything, and no one is stuck waiting on other people to provide updated information.  Dropbox for Business and all of its tools really help us move our projects – and our business – forward at a faster pace.” – Pamela Brunson, SVP of Marketing & Development at Wolfgang Puck