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Meet our industry experts, a passionate and talented pool of seasoned professionals who have made the hospitality industry their home. NECG is pleased to introduce you to this dynamic team who will take your company from Dirt-to-Digital.

Julie Webel
MaxEx Public Relations, LLC

Redding, CT 06896
(203) 969-4321
Social Media

With a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Connecticut in the field of Human Development and Family Studies, Julie joined the work force with a broad knowledge of people, behavior, relationships and communication. She entered the hospitality world as a bartender and quickly developed a love and knowledge of fine dining and high caliber service.
During her time at her first bartending job, she discovered she had a knack for social media and a passion for food photography and began managing the restaurant’s social media presence. Experience in the SM world and word of mouth within the biz brought in additional clients, making social media a regular part of her everyday life. Julie continues to hone her skills and implement her SM presence across many platforms. 

As a freelance SM Manager for over a year, Julie is excited to be a part of the MaxEx team as their Social Media Director and is now doing what she loves on a larger scale, while supporting an industry she has a tremendous amount of respect for. Crafting broad reaching campaigns on multiple platforms, Julie integrates all aspects of MaxEx's PR and Marketing efforts on behalf of their clients into a robust, comprehensive and visually exciting dialogue.