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Maria Dominici
CT Organic Tea Company, LLC
24 Broad Street
Norwalk, CT 06851
Tea Company

Maria has been drinking tea since she was 10 years old.  She knows good tea and how to compliment it with your menu.

Frequently, hot and iced tea is the last food item that restaurant owners consider when managing an eatery.  Every restaurant needs tea.  It's important that your tea is of the same quality as your food.  Serve good tea!  Don't deny your customers.

The CT Organic Tea Company was born out of that love for good tea.  The teas we sell are organic, fair trade, kosher and halal.  All tea is made from the top two buds of each tea plant, picked by hand and only when mature.  This yields the most flavorful tea.

CT Organic Tea works closely with each client, helping them choose the flavors of tea that best suit their restaurant’s menu and clientele.  Let them help you upgrade your tea program or start one if you’re a new restaurant.  A refreshing glass of iced tea or a delicious cup of hot tea can sometimes make all the difference to a customer and keep them coming back.