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Meet our industry experts, a passionate and talented pool of seasoned professionals who have made the hospitality industry their home. NECG is pleased to introduce you to this dynamic team who will take your company from Dirt-to-Digital.

Mark Moeller
The Recipe Of Success
500 Post Rd E # 258 2nd Floor
Westport, CT 06880
Restaurant Consultant Worldwide/Connecticut Based

The Recipe of Success is overseen by Mark Moeller, a 37 year veteran of hands on experience. Mr. Moeller concentrates his efforts in development of complete and comprehensive training programs, operational reviews, menu development, purchasing strategies with complete focus on the end result improving both guest satisfaction and the bottom line.

Prior to starting his consulting business in 2000, Mr. Moeller spent 19 years in corporate and entrepreneurial organizations. Mr. Moeller's resume covers the fast food, fast casual and full service segments of the restaurant industry. Mark is a Restaurant Operations Expert with extensive experience in restaurant startup, design, development and process. Bottom line oriented operator and turnaround specialist with considerable expertise in all phases of free standing and multiple unit operation as well as corporate and franchise needs including.

Mark's mission is to directly respond to the needs of restaurant owners and develop the systems they need to enhance value and increase the bottom line.

Specialities Include:

  • Startup operations
  • Turnarounds
  • Restaurant concept design
  • Menu design and development
  • Cost control & maximizing profiliability
  • Training, Recruiting & HR
  • Procurement/Purchasing
  • Technical requirements
  • Distribution and management
  • P&L Management