Branding & Identity

Box 8 Brand Studio
134 Haven St
Unit 1B
New Haven, CT 06513
Branding & Identity

An avid cook and ravenous food enthusiast, Jeremy Staub is the founder and owner of Box 8 Brand Studio, a branding and identity agency specializing in the restaurant industry.  

 Developing brand identity, consistent company collateral, and a proper digital presence is at the forefront of Box 8’s capabilities so that businesses can differentiate themselves in the marketplace.  Clients include some of the hottest restaurants throughout Connecticut including Cask Republic, Bodega Taco Bar, Mecha Noodle Bar, Brick + Wood, Bar Sugo, Red 36, Geronimo and Little Barn. All in all, Jeremy and the Box 8 team have handled more then 50 restaurants both local and nationally. 

Jeremy’s and Box 8’s expertise lies in the creation of company branding/identity. Branding is more then just a logo - it is a completed thought of the entire experience which starts a conversation. Think of it as a recipe; the logo may be the protein but it is the rest of the ingredients that will make that dish shine. A properly excectuted brand  paints the full picture from the outdoor signage to interior artwork, website and social media, to coasters and branded staff uniforms. Even the paper you select for your menu; how if feels, gloss or matte, natural or bright, are all reflections of your brand.  In addition, Box 8 designs custom, fully integrated websites and refreshes existing ones to reflect the style and feel of each restaurant and features an easy to use content management system making updates as simple as sending an email or updating a word document.

Together with his team at Box 8, Jeremy’s obsession is to bring you a seamless branded experience.

Griffasi & Co. LLC
Branding & Identity

Carl Griffasi  of Griffasi & Co LLC brings 20 years plus experience in the LUXURY creative Brand space.  He is a highly creative, innovative designer with extensive knowledge of all Branding platforms, from Print, video, and the Internet.   

He has a strong background in formulating ideas from concept through production which enables him to expedite any process and foresee any potential obstacles long before they would happen.  His concepts and executions have been described as “Bold, Clean, Sophisticated & Fresh.”

He could take your existing brand and simply give it a facelift or create a new brand from the ground up. Creating a new brand identity logo and applying it to all of your marketing needs, from Magazine ads, Newspaper Ads, Billboards, Public Transportation, Package Design, Shopping Bag Design, Posters, Counter Cards, Counter Display, Banners, Postcards, Stationary Design, Tradeshow images & or booth design,Web site design, Splash page design, E-mail blast, E-mail Banners, Exterior sign, Interior signs, Window graphics, Wall graphics, Table menus, Wall menus, Fold out menus, Badges, Aprons, T-shirts, Coasters.

As well as create any new imagery for your brand from producing all photo shoots and video shoots, and art directs them to ensure a quality product.

His experience has taken him through many areas including Boutique Hotels, aRestaurants, Financial services as well as Fashion and Beauty industries.

Some of Carl's experience has been with the Delmar hotel, the hotel Chesterfield, BICE restaurant/NYC, ESquared hospitality/NYC, Wegmans, the Clydesdale pub and Grill, Saks Fifth Avenue, AVON Global, Maybelline and Lord & Taylor to name a few.

His grandfather was a hat maker in Italy, his dad was an interior decorator & his mother was a dress designer. That would explain his creative side.