New England Culinary Group is a Premiere Support Arm for the Hospitality Industry

Comprised of a vast array of talented individuals who specialize in providing restaurants and hotels with the necessary products, services, and guidance to create, open, and operate a successful business. 

By providing restaurateurs and hoteliers with superlative service and the necessary tools to develop, enhance, and run their businesses, NECG grows stronger as a first class organization, maintaining a talent pool of only the most creative, talented, reliable, and experienced network of professionals.

NECG members are aligned with a top-notch organization of fellow industry professionals. Members are chosen through referrals from other members and proven first-rate performances. NECG operates as a networking group, providing leads, as well as support in obtaining optimal client contact, closed business, and on-going relationships. The goal of NECG is to be recognized as a leading service provider for the restaurant / hospitality industry.

Client Benefits:

Clients are provided with a strong network of service providers that will work together on achieving their  goals. Clients are able to access as few or as many NECG professionals as they wish. Each facet of a client’s business is carefully evaluated, executed and maintained according to the NECG’s code of ethics and genuine dedication, and passion for the restaurant / hospitality industry.